The Story Behind IMLocum

Jun 1, 2018

The Purpose Of Our Passion

Hi, my name is Ivana. My story to you might sound familiar. As a child growing up in Croatia, I was often outside on a mission, in search of animals that were injured, hungry, or helpless in some way. I would often take them home, against my parents’ knowledge, to nurture them and then release them back into the wild.

I always seem to have had animals around me, but not always was this a pleasant experience. As a very young child, I noticed people treating animals with neglect and cruelty. From hungry and overworked farm animals to brutal displays of bears being chained and walked on a leash to dance in front of street spectators for a few coins. Fast forward “a few” years and as I like yo say “different lives” … finally, I entered my veterinary career realizing and discovering that my passion for animal well-being was stronger than any other option out there.

I became a Registered Veterinary Technologist and shortly after joining this profession, I noticed many of my colleagues around me were burnt-out and simply spent.

What many people don’t know, is that people in the veterinary industry are one-of-a-kind. They work tirelessly and completely forget about their own needs and their well-being, putting everything on hold to help those who cannot help themselves: animals.

I finally realized that for me to help animals, I needed to help veterinary professionals first. I wanted to help people help animals. This is my 10x rule. If I can help 10 people who can help 10 animals in one day – I can essentially help 100
animals a day. The math is simple, but how do I do that?

Build A Community And They Will Come

Some people talk about having an epiphany, the moment an idea or thought crosses a person’s mind that will possibly change their life. My idea was more of an itch, a feeling that I needed to do something better than what I was doing. Call it what you will; I wanted to find a tangible way to make an impact and help my colleagues in the veterinary industry.

In the end, it was my passion for animals that has led me to become passionate about those who are making this profession so special, so great – all the people working day and night helping animals.

The demand for veterinary staff is rising every day, yet clinics are struggling to find people. This struggle leads to regular employees working too many shifts, feelings guilty to take time off, and eventually burning out themselves and leaving the industry.

After recognizing that there is a disconnect between professionals, I decided to address this issue and introduce innovative technology as the solution to the problem. After all, veterinary professionals and clinics should be focusing on what they do best: helping animals … not HR.

The Birth Of IMLocum

There are several factors that can lead to a disconnect in finding the right match between staff and vet clinics. The IMLocum platform helps professionals build a network and connect with clinics who have jobs or shifts available that match their schedules and their needs. Professionals can decide when and where to work with no pressure from clinics calling them.

IMLocum alleviates the stress associated with trying to find a great match. It is like a dating app where people with the same goals and desires are connected to each other. One can use any device, anywhere. It’s easy to see the benefits of using this platform for both veterinary professionals and vet clinics. How would you benefit the most from this tool?

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