Recruiting in the Veterinary Industry

Mar 11, 2019

Whether you’re a DVM or an emergency and speciality clinic with many staff, hiring the most suitable and best employees is, and should be, your top priority. Your success in providing great care to the animals and their owners is directly linked to your ability to hire (and keep) great people.

Hiring great staff leads to significantly lower costs of running a clinic and increased revenue year to year.

Unfortunately, at the moment you might feel you are not in the position to be able to choose, and increasingly, you might feel ‘lucky’ to have found just someone. In today’s world, workers have much better access to information about the best job opportunities, and clinic managers are feeling the impact of this with staffing difficulties and shortage of dedicated staff being quoted as one of the number 1 issues in the veterinary industry.

In today’s gig economy, less than 20% of employees are planning to stay with their current employer in the long term. In our industry the matters are unfortunately even worse. The statistics for 2018 show that for every 5 openings, there is only 1 veterinary professional out there. That’s a lot of competition.

More than ever it is imperative that clinic managers understand how the veterinary professionals make their career decisions and use this knowledge to set themselves and their environment for success.

Over the next few months, we will be discussing and outlining different segments through which a job seeker will go through and the things you can easily apply when looking and hiring new veterinary professionals that will ensure you and your clinic staff stay engaged longer and thrive… a mission we here at IMLocum are hoping to achieve together with you.

The initiation of active search

Did you know that only 25% of the job seekers out there actually do this actively? That implies that 75% of the workers will start looking at opportunities, IF those are presented to them. It is only when that realize that they are in need of a change that they will enter a search stage looking for places that will fulfill their current needs and desires.

What does that mean to me as a clinic manager? You need to SHOW OFF. It is up to you to show your clinic is a great place to work.

Professionals that are “just looking” are still in the search mode and aren’t yet setting their hearts on any specific place. It is important that at this stage they become aware of your clinic. To help them move onto the next stage where they can picture you as their next employer, they need to learn more about you, your team, and start building trust and attraction.

This is where you must make yourself and your company known. By growing your clinic’s reputation and brand, you will raise awareness and hence the potential to be on the radar of those who are searching. Clinics with clear and strong brands spend significantly less on hiring and have better employee retention increasing their revenue and overall bottom line.

You need to STAND OUT. Whether you are using a platform like the Indeed, LinkedIn, or IMLocum, make sure your clinic’s profile stands out and is authentic. The clinic profile will ultimately reflect the culture of your clinic. Looking at shift postings and clinic profiles are the main activities on IMLocum. This is the first thing professionals will see and evaluate before choosing to search elsewhere or go to a different opportunity. It’s also a first stop for prospective candidates who want to learn about the operational activities such as hours of operation, size and type of the clinic, etc. By providing them will most current and comprehensive information, you will be essentially communicating the clinic’s values and personality in an authentic way. Failing to do this will not set you up for success in building a good repour with veterinary professionals.

“Before IMLocum, I had no idea anything like this platform existed. Now that the algorithms have been perfected, I really want to tap into this industry more. Locuming is a way for me to tap into the vet community and stay abreast of all of the knowledge and new information coming up, and I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had so far,” says Genevieve.

Work-life balance is extremely important to Genevieve, especially in regards to keeping her body healthy and staying physically active.
“I try to live as healthy as I can. I don’t drive, I cook from home and I go to the gym regularly. I’ll be honest, there are moments when I experience negative self-talk and expect more from myself but I always try and keep my mind busy. That’s why I’m locuming and that’s why I’m in this field,” says Genevieve.

Locuming has made it easier for Genevieve to maintain a life outside of work and take part in the things she loves, like volunteering and spending time with her pets.

If you are using a platform like IMLocum, here are some tips on successfully
attracting attention:

  1. On your profile page have your clinic’s logo or an engaging, friendly picture that invites people to connect with you. Profiles with logos/photos are 10x more likely to be viewed
  2. Make sure all the fields are filled in…this is an indication you care and you are proud of your business and the culture within
  3. When posting a locum shift or a job position, add a descriptive tagline that goes beyond your clinic’s name thus capturing that first glance of the candidate
  4. In the description field add some soul and life to the shift/job. Make it sound like a great opportunity. I’m sure you and your team believe it is…make others believe that too.
  5. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Headlines and descriptions can be great conversation-starters with professionals.
  6. When posting job opportunities, over-invest in the summary of your clinic. Share information about the culture and your current happy and long-term staff you have working for you currently. Answer the questions, “why are we different”, “why are we unique”, “why are we great place to be part of”, “what are we better at”.
  7. If your differentiator is $$…say that. If it is benefits…say that. If it is being exposed to new and
    different case loads…say that. This is important when you are competing against at least 4 other
    clinics for that same candidate.
  8. Invite the candidates to chat with you and start a dialogue as a wrap up of your summary.
  9. Always answer the question: “if I were the candidate, why would I want to apply?”

Why post jobs and shifts on IMLocum?

Posting on IMLocum is a great way to attract and engage with new professionals from all over. Having visibility about the opportunities that are available at your clinic even when the professionals are “only looking”, will increase your chance of attracting them when they are ready. The more shifts and job posts you make, the more professionals you’ll reach and the stronger your brand and your visibility will become.

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