Find locum shifts in real time. Be in control of your schedule.

Find your new job, your new tribe. Feel valued and earn more.

Imagine having the freedom to choose where and when you work as a veterinary professional.

At IMLocum, we believe that your passion for working with animals shouldn’t lead to burn out. But so often veterinary professionals struggle to have a work-life balance – between feeling stuck working with a wrong team, picking up whichever shift comes your way and worrying about future. Instead, you can focus on what you’re good at and have clinics seek you out when they need your skills.

How it works.

1. Create your profile.

Show off your skills and experience. IMLocum is always free to use for professionals.

2. Set your calendar availability.

Get matching recommendations. Increase your visibility and get offers quicker.

3. Get notified when clinics post new shifts.

Check your dashboard for new opportunities. You can even choose how far you’re willing to travel.

4. Choose which shifts you want to respond to.

See other locum ratings for each clinic, negotiate your wage, and have the choice to accept or decline offers.

5. View all your past and upcoming shifts all in one place.

Keep track of your employment contracts and say goodbye to invoicing and stress!

Start #IMThrivingVet today.

Connect right away with clinics who need your skills. It’s always free for professionals.

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