Dosimeter Options For Locums

Dosimeter Options for Locums Radiology is an essential diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine and, while the risks of radiation exposure to those operating x-ray equipment are generally low, levels can accumulate over time, potentially leading to irreversible health...

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Making Your Own Path

A Profile On Dr. Duane Landals Having owned and managed a large veterinary practice for 35 years, Dr. Duane Landals has undoubtedly paved an important path in the veterinary industry, but his legacy goes back a long way. Now retired, Dr. Landals was involved in...

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Endless Possibility

The life of a travelling locum Scuba diving in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Egypt are just a handful of memories Wendy Kane has made over the past few years. But in addition to being a scuba diver, Kane is also a veterinary locum, working six months a year and...

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Alternative Ways of Working as an RVT

The Alternate Route People are attracted to the veterinary field because, well, they love animals! But did you know that the veterinary profession also includes endless job opportunities that are available, both in direct animal care and in non-clinical roles? Some...

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The Story Behind IMLocum

  The Purpose Of Our Passion   Hi, my name is Ivana. My story to you might sound familiar. As a child growing up in Croatia, I was often outside on a mission, in search of animals that were injured, hungry, or helpless in some way. I would often take them home,...

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